Power Cable Low Voltage

Power Cable Low Voltage

Power Cable Low Voltage is a cable specially made to be used to distribute electrical power with low voltage, namely a voltage with a minimum limit of 0.61 / 1 or 1.2 kv up to a maximum limit of 1.8 / 3 or 3.6 kv.

Types of power cables

  1. Low Voltage Non Armoured Cables, Namely a cable made without mechanical protection. examples of cables NYA (Thermo Plastic Wire), NYM (Indoor Cables), NYY (Indoor & Outdoor Cables).
  2. Low Voltage Armoured Cables, Namely cables that are made using mechanical protection, for example cables: NYFGbY, NYRGbY, and NYBY.
  3. Low Voltage Screened Cable, Examples of cables namely NYSY & NYCY

Installation of low voltage power cable applications

Low Voltage cables are generally widely used in industries ranging from industries engaged in manufacturing, renewable energy, distribution and power networks, nuclear and thermal power plants, telecommunications, buildings, defense, airports, windmills, marine, automation, offshore, applications, ship cabling, railroad industry, mining, water, and audio-visual, this cable can be widely used for various applications.

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