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The Cable Support System is designed and manufactured to eliminate the endless problems faced by plant engineers using conventional cable support system made from galvanised steel, aluminium or thermoplastics.

The following are some of the major benefits of the system:

  • Chemical and Corrosion Resistance

Cable Support System is made from a selection of premium resin reinforced witch glass fibre to from a strong composite which is resistant to most chemicals and Ultra Violet rays. Cable Support System resists acids, salts, alkalis and wide range of aggressive chemicals and solvents.

This property is not superficial, as in coated steel but integrated throughout the components used. Corrosion often initiates from scratches which are caosed while cable are being installed in conventional support system. however this is not a problem with the use of the system. Cable trays and Ladders are also available in fire retardant grade.

  • Strength Weight Ratio

Cable Support System is fabricated from component derived from a process called Pultrusion. This process enables a high percentage of glass to be incorporated into the components giving it very superior strength. The strength of System in relation to its weight therefore exceeds the performance of those of steel or aluminium.

  • Easy of Installation

The weight of the pultured component used is approximately one quarter the wight of steel two thirds of aluminium. Unlike stainless steel, pultruded components are easier to handle and can be drilled or cut on site using handtools. Lower installation cost would contribute to substantial savings.

  • Non Conductive

Cable Support System does not conduct electricity and therefore would not pose any hazards of electrical shocks. As it is non conductive, electrolytic corrosion associated with metal supports would not be a problem. Cable Trays are available in standard straight lengths of 3 meter and in resin selection of Isophthalic Polyester (ISO) ande Isopthalic Polyester Fire Retardant grade (ISO-FR).


All resin systems have UV absorbers and surface veils are incorporated to further enhance resistance to chemical and UV attacks.

  1. Isophthalic Polyester This is a premium grade polyester resin which provides good chemical resistance with high physical properties.
  2. Vinilester This is a special novolac chemical resin system suitable for severe corrosion applications requiring better resistance to alkaline and acidic environments. It has good resistance against hydrocarbons and organic solvents.
  3. Fire Retardant Isophthalic Polyester This is a premium grade polyester resin which meets ASTM E-84, with index less than 25, and meets self extinguishing requirements of ASTMD-635. This resin also archived a class 2 rating on BS476 Part 7 and a Class V0 on UL94.

The Pultrusion Process

Is State-of-the-Art technology which allows continuous production eg, high strength, structural sections thereby eliminating the risk of process variability and lower strength inherent in the manual production of these critical composites.

Is controllable to an optimum degree which ensures consistent production at any level of product performance requirement.

Is capable of repeatability regardless of any time delay between runs or specific operator expertise, experience or state of mind.

The pultrusion process thereby eliminates the factor of manual processing and provides a consistent, quality product with physical properties that can be accurately predicted from established engineering data and procedure.

Product Benefit Features

Common to all FRP & GRP series are these important advantages that the pulturuded components inherently provide  :

  • Fire Retardancy.
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Electrically Non- Conductive
  • High Fatigue & Impect Strength
  • Transparent To Electronmagnetic Waves
  • Shape Versatility
  • Low Thermal Conductivity
  • High Strength & Light Weight
  • Resistance To Chipping And Cracking
  • Predictable & Repeatable Physical Properties

FRP Cable Support System Advantages Compared to Metallic Type

  • High Strength  – Higher Strength than structural steel on a weight to weight ratio.
  • Impact Resistance  – Return to original position without any permanent deformation or defletion.
  • Light Weight  – FRP Pultrusion is light weight, approximately 80% less than steel 30% less than aluminium.
  • Corrosion  Resistant  – Pultruded FRP are resistant against rust, pealing orflaking and also broadly impervious to many types of chemicals.
  • Non-Conductive  – Some of the main properties of FRP are that it has low thermal conductivity and are non-conductive. 
  • Electro-Magnetic Transparency  – Pultruded FRP are Transparent to radio waves, microwaves, and other electromagnetic frequencies. 
  • Dimensional Stability  – The coefficient of thermal expansion of pultruded FRP products are marginally less than steel and aluminium. 
  • Low Temperature – FRP has excellent mechanical properties at low temperatures.
  • Fire Retardancy – All Beta cable support system components meet BS 476 pert 7 class II as standard. Higher requirements are available as options.
  • Ultraviolet Stability – All Beta FRP products incorporate additives and veils to protect them from UV attacks.
  • Easy Installation – Easy to cut and drill using basic hand tools at site. Require not hot work.

Chemical Compatibility Guide

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