Pipe Conduit Steel

Pipe Conduit Steel

PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri manufacture pipe conduid steel. The product is diversified from the Steel Conduit System and Accessories, Raceway System, Pipe Support Systems. With a tubing wall that is thick enough to allow it to be threaded. Lengths of conduit are connected to each other and to equipment with threaded-type fittings. Mostly used for its easy to connect installation. Its common applications are in commercial and industrial construction.

conduit pipe has a function as a protection for cable installations in buildings so that it is safe and it is not easy for outside disturbances to occur such as being the target of rat bites, and if there is insulation that is peeled off, it is not directly touched by people. Another advantage is that it is lightweight, anti-rust, and does not damage the cable when the pipe is pulled because the inside of the pipe is very smooth, making the cable installation durable.

Features Pipe Conduit

  1. Easy bending, Processed by high frequency induction welding and made of hight quality steel.
  2. Easy wire pushing and pulling, The high – grade stoved epoxy resin coating on the inside wall makes wire – pulling easy, and protects against corrosion.
  3. Easy and fast installation, sharp thread which is cut by automatic machine makes installation quick and easy. Precise thread also makes our conduit virtually moisture – tight.
  4. High corrosion resistance, the pure zinc coating on the outer and inner walls of the pipe protects the conduit from corrosion.
  5. Uniform Quality, Flat steel is rolled, zink – coated and threaded in one continuos automated process for high quality.

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