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News Room

News Room

Published on 28-06-2010
Tips on Choosing Power Cables

When you need to purchase power cables, instrumentation cables, submersible pump cables or even electrical wires, no doubt about it that you can find hundreds of brand to choose from. But the questions remain, are you choosing the right kind of cables? Are the cables you’ve purchased reliable and suitable to your needs? There are many power suppliers that provide various kinds of power cable with different grades. You might have difficulties finding the one which is really the best. Without proper information and assistance, you might end up with disappointment.

First thing you need to find out when purchasing power cables or wires for your building, factory, or house, you have to collect information regarding the cables you are going to use for. After your requirements are collected, gather information about the supplier and company that provides the power cables you need. A well known supplier with a long line of service in the industry has the knowledge and experience to assist and guide you in providing for your demands. It will be able to help you in finding the power cables and the specifications you need. An experienced cable supplier will assure you to select which type to use according to your needs. With its reliability and credibility after many years in cable industry you can be sure that the supplier has a reputation to keep.

After you have selected the supplier, you might also need to ask for a few things about the specifications of the power cables you are about to use. The cables’ resistance to chemical for one. Some chemicals might reduce the quality and the lifespan of the cables. Oil and some corrosive chemicals or liquids could affect your cable connection and might cause problems. You need to make sure the environment of the cables you are about to install are suitable and if needed, you might add some additional sealing to prevent power failure.

Another important aspect is temperature range. You have to know the maximum or minimum temperature your cables can effectively withstand. It is best to select power cables that can adapt to extreme temperature without physically damaging the shielding and the wire inside.

Flexibility of the power cable is also crucial. A flexible cable can be easily bended if needed and therefore makes installation and troubleshooting much easier. However, in some applications, you might need a less flexible cable or cable that could withstand constant flexing. You might want to consult your supplier on which cable is flexible enough for your requirements.

There are many good quality cables you can choose from for various applications. If you find the right supplier which provides the best technical service and assistance, it will make your life a lot easier. Be sure to take your time to gather any information you need before purchasing power cables.

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