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Company Profile of PT Surya Cakra Mandiri

News Room

News Room

Published on 02-05-2011
Thermoplastic Pipes and Thermal Expansion

Thermoplastic pipes and steel pipes are two commonly used pipes in various constructions, such as sewer, lines, household plumbings and many more. On many occassions, thermoplastic pipes are preferred for their low cost and lighweight qualities. Reinforced thermoplastic pipes are also te best option to replace steel pipes in onshore, offshore oil and gas industries due to their non-corrosive quality.

The main thing to consider before installing pipes in construction is the quality of the pipes, characteristics such as expansion can affect the piping installation. Thermal expansion is the term for the expansion of a material due to heat. Most of pipe materials, from metal to thermosplastic will experience thermal expansion in the presence of heat. This can be caused by the energy given to the molecular structure of the substance, causing it to vibrate more quickly. For some substance the molecule move relative to one another and inflate the structure, when extreme heat is presence or passing through, the bonds of the molecule can stretch or fail, causing even greater expansion.

Thermoplastic or thermosoftening plastic is a type of plastic that can be softened by heat, hardened by cooling, and then softened by heat over and over again. By this characteristic, thermoplastic pipes have high tendency to expand as temperature increases, as much as 10 times or more than that of steel pipes. The elastic modulus in thermoplastic pipe is considerably less than that of steel pipe, and will decrease rapidly as the temperature increases 100 degree Fahrenheit, therefore it requires very short support spans at elevated temperatures. This is something the expansion joint design must take into consideration to achieve optimum expansion joint performance. The complete range of thermal movements expected in the system must be measured.

For optimum expansion joint, a calculation must be made of the maximum thermal expansion and thermal contraction which will be encountered during operation. The expansion joint must have the capability to absorb the full range of thermal movement with an appropriate , margin of safety.

PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri provides various types of Thermoplastic pipes for your industry with high quality and superior strength against high temperature. For thermoplastic solutions and services, please contact Surya Cakra Mandiri.

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