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Company Profile of PT Surya Cakra Mandiri

News Room

News Room

Published on 26-07-2011
Improving Valve Life and Performance

Valves are the most important part of any piping and pumping system. They direct the flow of fluids and regulate temperatures. It is important to understand the basics of proper valve maintenance to improve efficiency and lower cost.

Piping materials materials must fall into the same categories as valves according to the liquids that flow on the piping, because fluids such as liquids, gases and other materials that flow are often corrosive, abrasive, or highly contaminated. Most valve bodies include important valve rating information that describes where they should be used for safety and efficiency. The valves and piping used should match the ratings of either steam service or cold service. There are arrow signs which are marked on the body of the valves to indicate the flow path through the valve. These arrows will help you correctly install the valves to ensure the proper flow direction.

The moment you receive the valves for your plant, make sure to inspect them for in-transit damage. Focus the inspection on the pressure-retaining shell, valve ends, and the valve operating mechanisms, which include the hand-wheel or actuator and stem. If possible, dismantle the valve upon receipt to inspect the internals and discard any restraint that the manufacturer inserted for protection during transport. Remove the manufacturer’s packing and replace it with in-house packing that is proven to be reliable in service. After inspection is done, make sure to store the valves away from weather, dirt and transportation driveways. Keep protective covers in place until the time of installation. Avoid using slings around hand-wheels, stems, or gland adjustment parts. Lift valves by the main body.

Usually, during shipping of valves, the disc will be placed in closed or fully open position with back seated. It is important to protect the seating surface, where it should be left in the shipping position, if possible until installation is completed.

Before servicing the valves, make sure to clean all dirt and foreign matter from inside the piping system. The valve and the line should be blown out with clean compressed air flushed with clean water to remove dirt and grit that might affect valve operation. Valves must be connected correctly. They must be connected at both piping connections with zero-cold- spring. Make sure the valve is aligned before being installed.

If you have questions or are in doubt, always check with the manufacturer for proper use and installation guidelines. Please contact Surya Cakra Mandiri for information regarding valves and piping system.

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