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News Room

News Room

Published on 14-07-2011
Hand Tool Safety Guide

Hand Tools are used every day at home or working place. They are often underrated as sources of potential danger, as users do not see them as harmful objects. However, they are the cause of many injuries, and many of hand tool incidents have caused severe disabilities such as loss of eye or vision, severed fingers, tendon and arteries. To avoid injuries during working with hand tools, remember the following safety procedure.

If your safety glasses become fogged and affected your vision, Stop your work and clean the glasses until the lenses are clear and defogged.

Keep close track of tools when working at heights. Use tied off containers to keep tools from falling off of scaffolds and other elevated work platforms.

Do not carry all your sharp tools without a sheath or holster and do not carry sharp or pointed hand tools in your pocket unless the tools or your pocket is sheathed

Make sure to tag or label worn, damaged or defective tools with "Out of Service" mark and do not use them.

Do not use a tool if its handle has splinters, burrs, cracks, splits or if the head of the tool is loose.

Avoid using impact tools such as hammers, chisels, punches or steel stakes that have mushroomed heads.

When handing a tool to another person, never toss it to them. Avoid directing sharp points and cutting edges at yourself and the other person.

When using knives, shears or other cutting tools, cut in a direction away from your body.

Make sure your grip and footing are secure when using large tools. Do not chop at heights above your head when you are working with a hand axe

Carry hand tools only in tool boxes or tool belts.

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