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News Room

News Room

Published on 20-04-2011
Choosing & Maintaining The Right Pneumatic and Hydraulic Tools

When you select Pneumatic tool such as Legris or Parker Hydraulic tool, it’s for sure that you’ve selected the right tool for your mining or industrial task. With their durability and reliability, these tools will effectively improve productivity thus increasing profits for your company. However, like any other tools, even smaller things, they need to be handled with care and given proper maintenance and installation as well. Providing proper care and regular maintenance on your pneumatic and hydraulic tools will ensure their longer lifespan and productivity.

One of the most important things you must always check is proper lubrication of your tools. Correct lubrication must be done daily to avoid malfunction. Apply lubricants through the the air inlet of multivane air motors and air hammers, or through air-line filters and lubricators. For pneumatic tool which works with air pressure, supply of clean, dry air must be provided. Maintain the air pressure so that pneumatic does not perform over or under pressure. Please refer to the pressure recommendation to avoid failure to your pneumatic tool. Even though your Legris Connectic tool has moisture trap and line filter installed, a compressor of adequate capacity and full-size air-supply lines are necessary for pneumatic tools to perform effectively. It is also important to select the suitable hose and fittings. For selections of pneumatic hose and fittings, you may consult with Surya Cakra Mandiri anytime you need assistance. Using the wrong fittings may cause your pneumatic tool to lose air pressure and even malfunction. PT. Surya Cakra Mandiri provides a wide range of fittings and accessories you need for your pneumatic and hydraulic tools. With highly trained technical team, we will ensure your pneumatic and hydraulic tools to gain optimum performance.

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